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Beginner Level Classes & Information

Our focus is stress-reduction. Our approach to yoga is rooted in compassion for healing the body-mind connection. We offer physical yoga (asana) in a way that welcomes anyone new to yoga. Some classes will be more challenging than others yet, it’s offered only as an option. The best class to begin is the class that you can come to. Will it be challenging? Yes. We will support you and we are not an elitist yoga studio of highly advanced stretchy bodies. Our interest is in relieving everyday build-up of toxins and tension.

Let us know you’re new to yoga when you arrive.

Take it easy your first few classes and skip the level two options.

The “level two” postures: when a pose is offered that you don’t think you’re ready for, don’t do it. The posture will last a minute or two while you slowly build the strength and courage to try it. Each class is going to have a posture that a beginner may not be ready for (headstand or something similar). Listen for the teachers instructions on modifications and options.

Bring a mat, towel, and water. We have mats to borrow, small hand towels and we have filtered water–just bring a bottle.

That’s it!

Flow & Relax

An inviting class for all-levels of practitioners. A skilled and well crafted balance or blend of energizing and restorative postures. Great for mid-week fatigue. Flow is a flowing sequence of yoga poses that gives your body continuous movement, usually in the beginning of a practice. The class is challenging and strong with an equal mix of gentle and restorative at the end.

Radiant Flow

A moving meditation for those who want a continuous flow of Hatha yoga postures. Radiant Flow is a more active class, yet it’s not traditional vinyasa. You will feel the wring out from sequences designed to build heat while improving strength and flexibility, leaving you with a balanced yoga practice. *This is not Ashtanga-Vinyasa based mostly and moves slower or longer holds, spontaneously crafted.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is for anyone looking for stress relief, slower paced breath, and to finally use all of those yoga props. Think lots of props to open the heart after a good warm-up. There can be a focus on a certain body part or just relieving stress after a long work day. We offer these classes in the evening and they are accompanied by crystal bowls, sacred healing music, and an experienced teacher to help guide you through the experience.

Vinyasa Level 1 & 2 or Level 2

Our signature classes are a tribute to the vinyasa lineage and can be 60 to 105 minutes. Each class is an upbeat vinyasa flow class in an 80-90′ degree room or natural temperature. This is a challenging, yet accessible class for most levels, with an optional emphasis on diving deep into embodying your spiritual practice. Break a sweat to some fun music while building strength, balance, and flexibility before letting it all go in our final resting posture.

The Vinyasa Method
The purpose of vinyasa is for internal cleansing. Breathing and moving together while performing asanasmakes the blood hot, or as Pattabhi Jois says, boils the blood. Thick blood is dirty and causes disease in the body. The heat created from yoga cleans the blood and makes it thin, so that it may circulate freely. The combination of the asanas with movement and breath make the blood circulate freely around all the joints, taking away body pains. When there is a lack of circulation, pain occurs. The heated blood also moves through all the internal organs removing impurities and disease, which are brought out of the body by the sweat that occurs during practice.
– From the Ashtanga Yoga Institute, learn more: