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Our focus is stress-reduction. Our approach to yoga is rooted in compassion for healing the body-mind connection through the ancient science of yoga and its modern day application. We're upstairs above the treetops with our view of The Radiant Sundance Bookstore, located on the corner of California Ave. and Plumas Street.

What is Temple like? What can you expect? Temple is always warm and inviting. We are upstairs above the tree-tops with our view of The Radiant Sundance Bookstore on the corner of California Ave. and Plumas Street. At this time we are not “hot yoga” but, if you’re wondering, all of our classes are warm in the winter and a regular temperature in the summer–not hot. Expect to feel the warmth when you walk in on a cold day and the coolness of air conditioning on a super hot summer day. Take it easy your first few classes and skip the level two options. Our Temple teachers are trained to a variety of movement with yoga and healing modalities that range from vinyasa to yin. Each teacher is unique and each teacher will help a beginner with the postures.

Please sign-up for class first or purchase classes. You can walk-in drop-in, try to look at the schedule first. You have a choice when you look at the schedule: you might see two versions of the same class, one for in-person yoga at TEMPLE and, one for the VIRTUAL version (to get a invite email).

Beginner Level Classes & Information

All you need for yoga is a mat, towel, water and, comfortable clothing. We can lend you a mat if needed.

Take it easy your first few classes and skip the level two options.

The "level two" postures: when a pose is offered that you don't think you're ready for, don't do it. The posture will last a minute or two while you slowly build the strength and courage to try it. Each class is going to have a posture that a beginner may not be ready for (headstand or something similar). Listen for the teachers instructions on modifications and options.

Temple Vinyasa Yoga

Practice the Asanas in a welcoming environment, comfortably heated. There will be modifications in both directions to suit most every body. New students welcome. If you're more intermediate, try all of our classes and find the teachers that resonate with you. Each class is unique at Temple and the only bad class is the one you talked yourself out of coming to!


Radiant Flow or Yoga Church

A welcome environment for change, peace, balance, and equality. Radiant Flow is a strong Vinyasa practice with opportunities for stillness. Yoga philosophy will be weaved into the class and some chanting or mantras like Om will be introduced. The focus is to go inward and become more aware of your imbalances. By increasing your awareness you gain insight into your body's own healing modalities.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is for anyone looking for stress relief, slower paced breath, and to finally use all of those yoga props. Think lots of props to open the heart after a good warm-up. There can be a focus on a certain body part or just relieving stress after a long work day. We offer these classes in the evening and they are accompanied by crystal bowls, sacred healing music, and an experienced teacher to help guide you through the experience.

Temple Vinyasa Yoga is Beginner and Intermediate

Our signature classes are a tribute to the vinyasa lineage and can be 60 to 105 minutes. Each class is an upbeat vinyasa flow class in an 80-90' degree room. All of our classes are warm. Vinyasa yoga is challenging, yet we focus on an accessible class for most levels,. There can be an optional emphasis on diving deep into embodying your spiritual practice. Break a sweat to music while building strength, balance, and flexibility before letting it all go in our final resting posture.

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