Melissa Martinez-Chauvin

May 16, 2016 / Instructor

A student of yoga since 1999 and a yoga teacher for 9 years, Melissa brings the knowledge of the ancient texts with the heart of Bhakti to her classes. She teaches hatha yoga poses that are mindful and sustainable to all-levels and shares sanskrit mantras. Awakened by her experience with a continuous yoga practice, she’s inspired to instruct asana in a way that gives depth to the awareness of the self. Knowing that once the illusion of separation is unveiled we can find our true nature and focus on what matters, she is committed to staying in the light. Finding joy through teaching public yoga classes but wanting to create community, she began We Are One Yoga Teacher Trainings in 2013. The teacher trainings are in-depth study modules exploring the many ways to embody the teachings of yoga.


In June of 2016, Melissa acquired the Ashtanga Yoga Reno studio on California Ave. and changed the name to Temple Yoga Reno.