Deanna Gescheider

June 23, 2016 / by admin / / 0 Comments

Deanna understands busy lives and strives to help people balance a life that includes work, family, and personal time through the practice of yoga.

Deanna is in the midst of her 20+ year career in marketing and communications and understands the stress, posture challenges, and constant connectivity expectations that a successful career can afford someone.

While she remains dedicated to helping Reno, her hometown, she intends to do it differently now. In the past, she helped by using her creativity to position the authentic side of Reno increasing tourism. Recently, she inspired the community to more easily connect and better understand issues facing our local government. After meeting her true love, getting married and having two children later in life, a chance to refocus presented itself.

Yoga has been the path towards achieving balance, finding her patient breath, and allowing movement to reenergize her tired life. Earning her 200hrRYT from her teacher Melissa Martinez at We Are One Teacher Training in 2015, Deanna quickly took up teaching to her colleagues at the City of Reno. Juxtaposing politics next to the “yama and niyama” practices was challenging, but clearly needed. The offering brought many the opportunity to bring a more peaceful, focused, healthy, and positive approach to a stressful environment.

At Temple Yoga, Deanna tunes into her students needs, incorporates her love of music, provides a glimpse into yoga philosophy and leads an asana flow practice for all levels to enjoy.

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