Justine Anderson

April 2, 2018 / by admin / / 0 Comments

Justine Anderson hails from the wonderful city of Austin, TX, where she discovered her life-long passions of yoga, the outdoors and fabulous music. She started practicing yoga in 2003 with her mom and fell in love with it after the first down-dog. In 2007 she recieved her yoga teacher training with Dharma Yoga in Austin, TX. Over her teaching career she has taught yoga to all walks of life from children to professional athletes to traumatic brain injury victims all across the country. With a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and a doctorate degree in physical therapy, she brings a strong knowledge base of proper alignment and technique along with a passion for movement and meditation to her yoga classes. She believes strongly in the intimate connection between our mental and physical bodies and believes yoga is a beautiful way to cultivate that union. The most important things yoga has taught her is not to take life too seriously and to take each day one breath at a time.

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